WPPI - Photo Walks 2015

I had the opportunity this past week to attend the first ever photo walks at the WPPI event in Las Vegas and I couldn't be happier about the learning experience! Two very talented and world renown photographers lead my walks. My first walk was with Australian wedding photographer Rocco Ancorra #roccoancorra. This man is so talented and has been awarded best wedding photographer in Australia time and time again and it was a true privilege to learn from him. For his walk we had a model #Jessica who is a fitness model, she has wonderful features and she provided us some dynamic photos. Rocco showed us how to find the best light in any situation. He is a master of his craft and was a wonderful teacher!

My second photo walk was lead by Joe McNally #joe_mcnally. If you haven't heard of Joe then you undoubtedly have seen his work in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated or just about anywhere. This man is a legend and he was the keynote speaker for the WPPI event. He gave us tons of wonderful tips on gear and off camera lighting. Such a humble and informative teacher I am truly lucky to have had the opportunity to pick his brain a bit. For the walk Joe had a Vegas showgirl model for us. This lady was absolutely stunning and really knows how to work her angles for the camera. With little direction at all, she made everything look pretty darn fantastic.

Both Joe and Rocco set up the shots and then let us photographers have some time taking the photos. They explained how to get the best light and when it was appropriate to add speed lights or strobes. Their information was truly invaluable and I am so glad I attended both of the these walks. Thank you Rocco and Joe for helping all of us become better photographers.

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