2017 Here we go!

2016 was a good year. This year was insanely busy, I had a ton of work, my oldest daughter began Kindergarten, my husband started coaching volleyball again (on top of his full time job), and my house was constantly a mess. Although life was hectic in 2016 I really feel last year was a year of growth for me and my family.

New Years day had me thinking about what is in store for 2017. I really want to do a personal, fun, and creative project in 2017. A project to keep the creativity juices flowing. I just got back from Sacramento and while we were there in Midtown I saw a mural. I had my daughters stand in front of it with their cousin to take a photo. That spurred an idea. Once a month I am going to try and have my kiddos get in front of a mural (in San Diego or wherever we are) and take a photo/video. I'll give credit to the muralist and would love to state a historical fact about that area where the mural is located. So that is my creative plan this year. Make memories with my family and I'l have a little fun along the way.

If you know of any great murals in SD please let me know! 2017 I'm pretty excited for what's coming!

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